General Questions

School Year 2021-2022 starts on August 2, 2021 and ends on May 13,

To help a student set proper disposition for learning, appropriate attire has
to be worn. Wearing of school uniform reminds the child that she/he is in
school, enabling her/him to be focused and engaged in online school tasks.

Yes. If the old uniform still fits, this can be worn.

All uniforms ordered from the school’s providers will be delivered in
completion by September, 2021. Checking of complete uniform will start
before September, 2021 ends.
Gala uniform is worn only by Grades 4-12 when they attend Holy Masses.

Synchronous and asynchronous classes are scheduled from Monday-
Thursday. The day starts with MOR (Moments of Reflection) at 7:30 AM in all
grade levels. Friday is scheduled for school activities (feast days, level
activities, Guidance sessions, make up classes, mental and physical wellness
activities, Eucharistic celebrations, mastery tests, etc.)
For synchronous classes, each period has a specified time allotment
* Forty (40) minutes – Preschool
* Forty five (45) minutes – Lower and Upper Bed
* Fifty (50) minutes – Senior High School
Asynchronous schedule must be followed to make sure that students are
able to finish the given tasks and do independent learning. A subject teacher is
present in the webroom for consultation.

Books, writing materials, school uniforms, laptop or desktop, internal or
external webcam, earphone or headset microphone must be prepared before
the start of synchronous classes.

The learning space must be free from clutter and noise. It is a corner at home
where there are no people passing by while synchronous learning is happening.

Parents or guardians are students’ learning companions. This means that
they assist only when a pupil/student asks for help especially in doing his/her
tasks. Independent learning is encouraged.

In a synchronous learning, the parent/guardian must leave the pupil/student
in the webroom. If ever a parent/guardian has questions to ask a teacher of
his/her child, he/she must wait for the synchronous session to end.

Also, know what to expect from the school and from your child’s teachers.
Attend the scheduled orientation, Parent -Teacher Communicaring (PTC)
schedule and school related activities that require your virtual presence. Make
sure to read the content of the school’s PRIMER, SHareS.

Yes. Our ODL Guidelines include practices and policies to be observed by all
students. These guidelines are explained in the school’s PRIMER, SHareS.

Each class has an adviser who supervises and guides students in their online
schooling. Other people in the school community who may help are the subject
teachers, Guidance Associates and Librarians.

If this happens, s/he can share her/his concern with her/his class adviser or
Guidance Associate. The Guidance Associate conducts growth sessions, if

Assessments are in the form of Written Work (quizzes,
exercises/worksheets, homework, seatwork), Performance Tasks and Mastery
Tests. MAPEH and TLE Computer subjects give performance-based/practical
applications as assessments.

Communicate with the adviser/subject teacher the reason for the
absence. The child will be given a week to complete/make up for the missed

Submit an excuse letter duly signed by the parent/guardian to the class
adviser/subject teacher. The letter contains the reason of the absence and
the date covered. This may be sent through email.

Failure to submit will result to a grade of 0 or its equivalent, 30%, in the

Mastery tests are scheduled twice a quarter. Two -three subjects are
administered within a day and two-three days are spent for this activity.

Yes. For technical concerns, inform the class adviser. The class adviser
relays the information to the school authorities. Depending on the nature of
concern, the concern may be addressed by the school’s Tech Team or by the
providers’ Technical Group.

Check the school’s official page or website for posted videos on technical

The school provides an avenue for the enrichment of skills through the
clubs. Different clubs are offered and membership is based on enlistment.
Those who choose to join a club has to pay the Student Activity Fee at the
Accounting Office.

Pupils/students will be given an orientation about the school’s club
offerings. Club meetings will start at the beginning of the 2nd quarter.

  • Help your child learn to use the LMS, tools and applications properly and effectively.
  • Encourage your child to be responsible and to work independently.
  • Show interest in what your child does and learns in school.
  • Offer her/him praise and encouragement for achievement and improvement.
  • Tell the teacher if your child needs special help and if there is any special family
    situation or event that might affect your child’s ability or interest to learn.
  • Be actively involved in monitoring your child’s school needs, experiences and success.
    Read and reply to school memos, attend meetings and conferences.